Trade Secret & Unfair Competition

Being Competitive in the market is the vital for business success and maintains continuous development. All type of trade secret fosters the business competitiveness and development. It maybe any know how, customer data, confidentiality, recipe, inventions and software. To protect your trade secret we guiding to identifying trade secret of your organizationin accordance with existing laws of Myanmar, scheming non disclosure agreement between employer and employee, vendors, third party developers and licensee etc.

  • -    Advising to shield unfair competition occurrence upon your organization owned data, information, formula and trade secret etc.

A trade secret

Invention, or other information, data that the ownerbelieves provides him with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. A trade secret can range from something as complex as a recipe of KFC( the recipe of KFC us a most famous trade secret that share only to its franchisee) to something as simple as a client listing.

Unfair competition

Taking unfair advantage of a competitor in business. This can be through infringement of registered or unregistered intellectual property, misappropriation of trade secrets, or other means of unfairly "getting ahead."

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