IP Capacity Building Facility

What is IPM?

Intellectual Property is not an easy thing to define. On the one hand you may have some knowledge of the patent and trade mark system, but the true meaning of Intellectual Property is much broader and far-reaching.

IP represents the skill and imagination within your company - the ideas, the innovation, the originality and the intelligence that sets you apart from

You probably have heard that having that skill and intelligence isn't enough - you may be the smartest, the best, the most competitive, but unless you take appropriate measures to protect yourself you may not gain the success you deserve.

Many of you are the custodians of Intellectual Property. Whether it is the name of company, the packaging of your product, or the know-how of your key people, Intellectual Property Management is at the very heart of business success.

Need a professional Intellectual Property speaker at your next board meeting, conference or convention?

An additional service that CIPM offers is the services of a professional keynote speaker to introduce your executive management and/or staff to what Intellectual Property Management really is.

The  COO of UNTLAW has given many talks on IP management, at international, national and state conferences, at Board level and to  staff.

This service can be stand alone or incorporated into the provision of a total IP management system.

Prices for a stand alone presentation on request, however we only charge for the time spent with your organisation, and all other  disbursements, such as travel and accommodation, courier expenses  etc. are charged out at cost.

We can deliver anywhere in Myanmar or the world!

Food and Drug Administration

Drug and Food are the most sensitive product when trying to enter new market.  With the combination of legal, pharceutical and agricultural knowledge, we easing down the obstacles which arising from market entry.

We consult..
FDA Registration
FDA Import, Export and Manufacturing Licenses     
Hazardous Substances Registration
Pharmaceutical Advertising                       

Investment Advisory

Due to the political transformation, invest in Myanmar became a global hot topic nowadays. Experienced attorney and business consultants lead our investment advisory team. The team has extensive knowledge of Myanmar investment nature and intensive ideas of  doing business in Myanmar lawfully.

We advice on following types of investment and services ,

  1. Foreign Investment  Advisory
  2. Citizen Investment Advisory
  3. Join venture Advisory
  4. Company Registration
  5. Acquisition Advisory
  6. Corporate Due Diligence
  7. Corporate services
  8. Commercial Contracts and Agreements  


Myanmar Citizen Investment Information